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Our flagship product, the TEK-35 is a 35 ft. cruising multihull sailing boat designed by world-renown naval architect John Shuttleworth.

TEK-composites produced the original molds and built the first three MANTA boats.

TEKTRON-50R Racing catamaran
TEKTRON-50RC Cruising catamaran
  Industrial composites
Bristol Helicopter fuselage trim mill & machining mold EH101
BOEING MD95 faring molds from fuselage to wing for trim & machining molds.
Two complete sets, one for NC routing and the other for water jet routing
Entire mold for DIAMOND two-seater training aircraft
Molds for Enron Wind windmill blade for 600kW series windmill
TEK-composites built these 50'5" extra light carbon fibre stilts that enabled "Doug the Great" to win the Guinness World record in 1998 for the worlds tallest stilts.

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