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Unique features of the TEK-35


Traditionally catamarans had a beam to length ratio of 50%:
John Shuttleworth's high level of mathematics and probing mind went about determining the TRUE BEAM / LENGTH ratio for the MAXIMUM DYNAMIC STABILITY of a catamaran and determined it is not 50% but 65-69%. This characteristic in combination with the retracting dagger board gives the ultimate safety at sea.



The wide beam of the TEK-35 (68.6%) requires a greater amount of strength both in compression (MAST) and in tension (MAIN SHEET) than the typical catamaran (50%). John Shuttleworth incorporates the techniques of the aircraft industry for stressed skin construction.

Carbon fibre (10X the strength of steel by weight) takes the focused loads of the MAST, FORESTAY, MAIN SHEET, DAGGER BOARD, RUDDERS and distributes them to the glass skins of the structure. The skins use directional glass fibres (NO WOVEN CLOTH OR MATT) to distribute the loads over wide areas. The core materials between the skins add stiffness and allow the full bonding of all bulkheads, floors, interior modules, etc.

These methods keep the boat LIGHT, VERY STRONG and EXCEPTIONALLY STIFF.


The TEK-35 is a beachable boat, therefore it has been heavily reinforced down the centre of the hull with 150 oz. glass and Kevlar. The Kevlar is extended well above the water line for absorbing and containing a direct impact. Crash bulkheads and watertight compartments protect from a head on collision. The most impact resistant CORE materials available today are AIREX & CORECELL - they are used throughout the TEK-35.


The joy of sailing needs the wind on your face and the full panoramic view of the sea. Sailing is a sport, a thrill, a pastime, a pleasure, but all your sense must be exposed to the joy.

But for those rainy days or the hot sunny days the optional cockpit dodger or bimini can be raised to accommodate the need.

The aerodynamics of the Shuttleworth designs takes full advantage of the clean air flow over the open bridge deck profile.


Performance can mean many different things to different people.

UPWIND 40° 45°-50°
SELF TACKING Clean and smooth
No skill required
From any angle
Requires technique
Goes into irons
Must use motor
10.5 8.8 and up
20 KT (knots) True Wind (T.W.)
SPEED 40-50°
11 KT + 6 KT +
Very dependent on weight (keels poor)(dagger board best aerodynamics)
20-25 KT T.W.
23 KT + 10 KT+
Very dependent on weight, dynamic stability, wetted area shape
5-10 KT T.W.
Close to wind speed Very dependent on weight
Heave too
Board up
Boat sits 30° off the wind
Slides gently off large waves
Holds position
Slight drift back
TRACKING (ABILITY TO STAY ON COURSE WHEN WHEEL IS RELEASED) The boat is exceptionally well balanced
Can walk easily between wheels
Cruising 7½-8 KT
5-6 Miles/Gal


  • Two forward hatches open forward to scoop air inside, they are also provided with wave deflectors. The aft hatch opens to the aft allowing the moving air-stream to exit.
  • The two companionway doors and 5 port-lights provide cross ventilation.
  • The stair drain always provides fresh air inside.
  • Optional fans may be fitted.

  • Two very large sail/rope/anchor lockers are provided close to the bows c/w locking latches.
  • Five large seat lockers provide for general storage.
  • Separate lockers are provided for windlass and propane storage.

Sail control:
  • The main and jib can be fully controlled from either the port or starboard steering stations.
  • The four large LEWMAR 44 winches provide easy adjustment.
  • All other sail controls and dagger board controls are at the steering station.
  • The halyards are adjusted with two #30 LEWMAR winches and stoppers.
  • The position of the steering station gives good protection from the weather and excellent visibility as well as leaving the majority of the cockpit free.

  • The dual steering stations / dual rudder are an Edsen system.
  • The unique feature is that the engine steering system engages when the motor is remotely lowered into position.
  • With the motor turning this allows tight turns (1 boat length), docking with currents or cross winds, but the best of all is the remarkable backing up control.
  • The optional autohelm can be wheel driven or direct rudder drive. The remote autohelm control can be fitted into the hard dodger for inside steering.

Outside driving:
  • The cockpit table can be set at floor level (Storage mode), seat height with extension for lounging / sleeping or at table height for dining outside (6-8 people).

Interior accommodations:

John Shuttleworth has created an exceptional interior for a performance boat. The upholstered dining area for 6 next to the fully equipped galley (13' counter space) is a work of art. From the deep double Italian sink and taps , the French 3 burner propane stove and the newest high efficiency Italian 4 cu ft refrigerator this is a delight for on board living. An optional propane oven can be easily installed . The standard pressure system and 62 gallons of water storage can be enhanced with the optional hot water system.

All cabinet faces are high quality veneer, to be selected by owner as well as counter top.

Sleeping accommodation is divided into cabins with double berths, closet space, seating, storage and cross ventilation, The navigation area also contains a single berth which can pull out into a double berth.

The navigation area provides a chart table c/w pull out seat, work bench with storage, lounging seat, access to power panels, book shelf and room for custom electronic needs.

Both vanities (port and starboard) are complete with large wall mirrors, medicine chest (easily removed to access large storage area), molded in sink and storage cupboard.

The head area provides sit-down or stand up shower, head, seating area for dressing and grooming and a large hanging closet.

Floors are covered with a very high quality marine BUR-BUR broadloom. The edges are heat set, to accommodate easy removal for cleaning. The upholstery and head liner require the customers selection.

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